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Clipping a canvas

from pyx import *

clippath =, 0, 1)
drawpath = path.line(-2, -2, 1.2, 2)

cl = canvas.canvas([canvas.clip(clippath)])
cl.stroke(drawpath, [, style.linewidth(1.0)])

c = canvas.canvas()
c.stroke(drawpath, [style.linewidth(1.0)])



This example shows how drawing on a canvas can be clipped to a predefined region. The thick line is drawn two times, first in black onto an ordinary canvas, the second time in red onto a canvas which is clipped to the indicated circle.

The clipping property of a canvas must be specified on creation with an instance of canvas.clip, which takes a path as an argument. Note that this way of clipping will probably be removed in future releases of PyX. Instead, it will become part of the box concept.