General aspects of plotting with PyX

How do I generate multipage output?

With versions 0.8 and higher it is possible to produce multipage output, i.e. a Postscript or PDF file containing more than one page. In order to achieve this, one creates pages by drawing on a canvas as usual and appends them in the desired order to a document from which Postscript or PDF output is produced. The following example serves as an illustration:

from pyx import *

d = document.document()
for i in range(3):
    c = canvas.canvas()
    c.text(0, 0, "page %i" % (i+1))
    d.append(, paperformat=document.paperformat.A4,

Here, d is the document into which pages are inserted by means of the append method. When converting from a canvas to a document page, the page properties like the paperformat are specified. In the last line, output is produced from document d.

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